RealWorldUX basics lite: mock project walkthrough by Ryu Sakai

If you already know the basics of UX, and just want to learn how to work on a mock project, this is it!

This course will take you through just the mock project process, absolutely no frills.

RealWorldUX basics lite: mock project walkthrough

Course overview

This course is the light version of RealWorldUX basics, and covers just the mock project walkthrough portion, so that you can learn how to work on your own mock project effectively and practically. It walks you through 5 step process step by step, with in-depth explanations.
  • 6 videos total, 86 minutes, 5-week course
  • 5 assignments total
  • 5 assignment sheets
  • Mock project files: UX process documentation source file in 3 different formats - Apple Keynote, Powerpoint, PDF. 111 pages total.
  • Mock project files: 20+ prototype source files created in today's 8 most popular software programs including Sketch, Craft plugin for Sketch, InVision Studio, Principle, Adobe XD, Framer X, Figma and Axure.
  • 30 day money back guarantee (with a proof of completed assignments)
A birds-eye-view of the course

Sample video

Here you can check out a sample video, which is the beginning part of "Step 1: Problem statement".

Table of contents

Step 1: Problem statement
Step 1: Problem statement
13 mins
Step 2: Competitive benchmark
V2-0202- competitive benchmark.mp4
11 mins
Step 3: Concept development
Step 3: Concept development
23 mins
Step 4: User test
Step 4: User test - part 1
15 mins
Step 4: User test - part 2
9 mins
Step 5: Design iteration
Step 5: Design iteration
15 mins
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