Prototype Resource Map by Ryu Sakai

There are many tutorials out there on prototyping tools, but there's no solid analysis that clearly shows you a comprehensive overview including differences and uniquenesses of each software, until now. Prototype Resource Map gives you exactly that with source files!

Prototype Resource Map

A comprehensive overview of today's 8 most popular prototyping tools, Sketch, Craft, InVision Studio, Principle, Adobe XD, Framer X, Figma, and Axure. It gives you a birds-eye-view of comparisons between the tools, and pros and cons of each tool covered, so that you can make a smart, informed decision in choosing which tool to start. 156 page total. 9 prototype source files included, created in all 8 software programs covered in this Ebook! Now v1.3 available!

Table of content

  • Welcome
  • Trends and history
    • Trends in today's prototyping tools
    • Prototyping has to be quick and dirty
    • Chart 1: History of prototyping / authoring tools
  • Comparison of 8 tools
    • Pricing
    • Chart 1: Price vs. ease of use - basic prototyping
    • Basic prototyping features
    • Basic prototyping features - animation adjustments
    • Chart 2: Ease vs. fine-tuning capability - basic prototyping
    • Sketch compatibility
    • Chart 3: Price vs. Sketch compatibility
    • Advanced prototyping
    • Chart 4: Price vs. advanced prototyping capability
    • Running a prototype on mobile
    • Sharing a prototype online
    • 3rd party ecosystem
    • Collaboration
  • Overview of each tool
    • Sketch
    • Craft plugin for Sketch
    • InVision Studio
    • Principle
    • Adobe XD
    • Axure
    • Figma
    • Framer X
  • Recommendations
  • More resources

What's included

Prototype Resource Map_v1.3.pdf
62.1 MB
[Source file] Sketch sample prototype
110 MB
[Source file] Craft sample prototype (Sketch file)
110 MB
[Source file] Principle sample prototype
2.15 MB
[Source file] InVision Studio sample prototype
107 MB
[Source file] Adobe XD sample prototype
110 MB
[Source file] Adobe XD voice UX sample prototype
110 MB
[Source file] Framer X sample prototype
108 MB
[Source file] Figma sample prototype
3.7 MB
[Source file] Axure sample prototype
112 MB

About your host Ryu

Ryu is a skilled and creative User Experience Designer with a successful history of leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver engaging UX designs - physical and digital - that enhance customer adoption and satisfaction. Industry expert with 10 utility patents filed. Adept in providing hands-on guidance, serving simultaneously as a contributor and leader on complex projects. Ryu is passionate about helping aspiring to-be-UX designers finding their ways to become successful.
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