Why is it hard to find a UX course that actually works practically?

Because it's hard to find a holistic overview of UX resources for beginners to easily understand the landscape. UX Resource Map gives you exactly that: an overview of available types of resources including college programs, bootcamps and more. RealWorldUX basics is a perfect course for a beginner to become a UX designer. Prototype Resource Map  gives you a comprehensive overview on today's 8 popular prototyping tools.

Learn practical, actionable skills from an expert directly through his process.

RealWorldU basics is extremely practical, and teaches you skills to get you started right away as a UX designer. Mock project walkthrough gives you an in-depth view of the entire UX process. Additionally, all the UX process and prototype source files are included for you to download!

RealWorldUX basics: what a UX designer actually does, what you need to realize, and how to become one practically

8-week video course that teaches you the basics of UX to get you started. Practical, right to the point. 30+ source files included!!
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RealWorldUX basics lite: mock project walkthrough

This course covers just the mock project walkthrough portion of RealWorldUX basics course.
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Prototype Resource Map

A comprehensive overview and comparison of today's 8 most popular prototyping tools. 156 page total. 9 prototype source files included.
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Prototype Resource Map Lite

A free, shorter version of a comprehensive overview and comparison of today's 8 most popular prototyping tools. 131 page total.
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UX Resource Map

A high-level overview of UX resources currently available in the market. A must-have tool for a UX beginner. 41 page. Now v.1.3 available!
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RealWorldUX basics is a fantastic course to get started in the world of UX design. As I went through the course content, everything was very easy to understand and very well explained. The course assumes the user doesn't need to have pre-requisite knowledge. It truly is a proper "bootcamp" course that is executed very well. 

The UX Resource Map is something that will remain handy long after the course is completed. A truly valuable tool that can also be used to help create awareness around UX with its amazing listing of various relevant resources!
S.M., Montreal
RealWorldUX basics: Ryu provides the light at the end of the tunnel! This course is key in showcasing the necessary skills that a UX designer needs in order to be successful in this field. He exposes you to the many facets of UX while helping you find the path that may be the best fit for you. Ryu is a natural teacher and extremely passionate about UX. At the end of the course he reassures you that this is just the beginning of your UX career. By taking his course we develop and strengthen our confidence to dive right in and explore the beauty of UX. I feel motivated to be a problem solver and problem seeker.

UX Resource Map: Ryu bestows invaluable information on us. This is the UX dictionary - it is our journey map to help us navigate our UX career. He provides clarity and perspective on the field of UX by giving us the information to help us make the best decisions for ourselves. 
M.G., California
RealWorldUX basics is a course that is interesting, challenging, and rewarding. The course is designed in a manner that learning is not limited. Very much valuable! Beginners will get a lot of insights on how UX really works in the organization! I would recommend this course to any one who wants to get into the world of UX!

UX Resource Map: Great resources that is very beneficial for UX designers at any stage!
I found this document very well written and explained. Shows a complete picture of what is out there for UX. Great resource to make the right move to get into the world of UX!
R.T., California
RealWorldUX basics: The practical knowledge imparted through this course is exactly what newcomers into the field of UX need. There is immense focus on the methods and techniques of UX design in academics and other avenues to gain UX education. And while they equip a fresh UX designer with tactical skills, they largely miss the realities and nuances of the day-to-day life as a UX designer. True UX impact requires as much collaboration and understanding with your PM and engineering counterparts as it does core skills. This course focuses on the complete package in an interesting, easy-to-follow manner. Ryu is a first-class designer and he has incorporated every tip and trick he has learnt over his marvelous career into this course. Highly recommended!

UX Resource Map: Honestly, I get this question at least once a month: "I am interested in becoming a UX designer. Where do I start?" This Resource Map would be the place I would point those looking for help to. This alone is hours worth of research compiled beautifully and comprehensively. Ryu understands exactly what questions someone starting their journey would think about and he has all the answers in there!
Neeharika Gupta, Product Design Manager, VMware


How long is the course RealWorldUX basics?

"RealWorldUX basics: what does a UX designer actually do, what you need to realize, and how to become one practically" is a 8 week course. A new section is unlocked every week.

Who is this course for?

This course is originally designed for aspirational to-be-UX designers, and career switchers who is currently in a different field but want to transition to become a UX designer. However, it should work great for entry level UX designers, UX researchers, product managers and engineers who want to learn UX too, as the course stresses the importance of collaboration between UX designers, PM and engineers from a larger product team perspective!

What's included in the course RealWorldUX basics?

"RealWorldUX basics: what a UX designer actually does, what you need to realize, and how to become one practically" consists of the following content:
  • 20 videos total, 174 minutes
  • 5 assignments in Module 2: mock project walkthrough
  • 1 assignment in module 1
  • 1 assignment in module 3
  • Mock project files: UX process documentation source file in 3 different formats - Apple Keynote, Powerpoint, PDF
  • Mock project files: 20+ prototype source files created in today's 8 most popular software programs including Sketch, Craft, InVision Studio, Principle, Adobe XD, Framer X, Figma and Axure

Is this course an alternative to college degree programs or a UX bootcamp?

The answer is YES and NO.
Unlike existing college programs or bootcamps, this course is based on a clear vision and principles that the best way to learn is by doing. You need to get faster to the point where you can work on your own mock project, so that you can learn further by doing. This is why RealWorldUX basics covers only the minimum basics of UX and how to work on your mock project. So the goal of RealWorldUX basics is to get you up to speed and ready as quickly as possible to the point where you can run your own mock project with confidence. From that point, you can continue to learn by doing. And this is how you should learn UX, by doing. It's created base on a very different philosophy compared to existing courses that try to cover as much as possible within its program. On the contrary, RealWorldUX covers less, and encourage students to graduate the course faster, so that they can spend more time working on their own projects to continue their learnings by doing.

How is this course different from other online courses?

RealWorldUX basics sets it apart from any other courses because of its clear vision that the best way to learn UX is by doing. It is the best UX course for a UX beginner because:
It covers the most important minimum basics of UX in just 8 weeks.
You’ll learn how to run your own mock project effectively, so that you can continue to work on your own mock projects after the course so that you can keep learning and building your portfolio .
You’ll get instructor’s source files for a mock project, where he actually worked on the same mock project professionally, so that you can examine and modify those files for your projects.
You’ll learn how to work with PM and engineers practically, which is critical for UX designer’s success.
You learn the right, realistic mindset to become a UX designer. 

Will I get my dream job as a UX designer if I complete this course?

Yes, there is a high possibility that you will. However, this course does not guarantee you that. IT is finally up to you. But if you put in your serious effort and work hard throughout the course, you will definitely have a much better chance of future success!

What if I find out that RealWorldUX basics was not the right fit for me after purchasing the course?

No problem! We have 30 day money back guarantee. We want you to be happy, satisfied, and successful. So if you actually went though the course, worked on all the assignments, and still didn't find the course to be valuable, send us your project works as a proof of your work, and we can do a full refund. It's 100% risk-free!

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